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Vision. Flexible. Committed. Budget Conscience.
Four ingredients to effective directing.

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Gene is an excellent director who I had the pleasure to work with several times. He is very easy to work with and communicated with the actors and crew very well. -Craig Peterschmidt
(Owner-Picture Factory)

"You gotta see it."  You have to see where you're going and how to get there.  The story is clear and you know how to arrange the environment (camera, lights. actors, and sets) so the audience can see what you see.  You must be able to share that vision with your crew and talent and in this day of advanced visual effects you "gotta see it" on the key screen before anything is ever composited.  


Even though you have the vision, you must keep in mind that everybody else has their own vision in their area of expertise. A good director listens and knows how to weave those ideas into the grander vision while still maintaining the core message.  You'll get the best out of your crew and talent which wil result in your best possible end product.

I found Gene to be enthusiastic, clear-thinking, communicative and reasonable...He had a very clear grasp of what he wanted to do creatively and communicated that very effectively to everyone.  -Tom Hambleton
(Owner-Undertone Music)


This is not just about time but committment to the vision, the ideas, your crew, and your talent.  How do you expect the audience to care about the end product especially if you are calling them to an action if the process to make that production was performed by people who were simply "putting in the time"?  Whether it's a small training video or a large budget feature film a director must be committed to putting the best product on screen no matter what tools they've been given.

Budget Conscience

A great director knows how to perform all their duties and fulfill their vision on screen while still maintaining the original budget.  The production budget isn't a variable but a fixed amount and all decisions must adhere to that number.  If you're truly a "creative" director you don't need to ask for more money to complete the production just have more creative solutions to whatever budget problems may arise. 


Director Gene Teigland on set

Directing Experience

  • Feature Films
  • Documentaries
  • Newscasts
  • Commercials/Promotions
  • Election Coverage
  • Sports (Football, Basketball, etc.)
  • Concerts
  • Fashion Shows
  • Special Events


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