Get Your Roar

 create noise in your marketplace with a quiet budget.

Here at Tiger12, we've been fortunate to experience an eclectic array of media projects.  We've been hired to do pretty much everything from feature films, documentaries music videos, corporate presentations, live news and sports coverage to e-ommerce sites, flash ads, interactive web marketing sites product launches at the MOA, business plans, and script breakdowns    We've even suited up and went inside a burning inferno to capture the necessary footage. However what sets us apart is not what we've done but our approach to each project.  Clear Message, Story Driven, Creative, Proven Practices, Efficient, Affordable.  All wrapped around one simple principle.  Treat your client's project like it's your own.  Yeah we care about your project... A LOT. We don't believe in business transactions. We believe in delivering the "wow" factor.  Regardless of budget we passionately care about every project that's put in our hands.  Only when we can get you to say "wow" do we believe we've done our job.

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