Vikings 7 on 7

  • Minnesota Vikings Football, LLC
    2018 VIKINGS 7 on 7 TOURNAMENT

  • In this General Release and Hold-Harmless Agreement ("Agreement").

    A. I, me, and my mean the person who signs this document and anyone who has or obtains legal rights from or through that person.

    B. Vikings, includes, but is not limited to, Minnesota Vikings Football, LLC, Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium, LLC, Minnesota Vikings Foundation, Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, Event Staff and each of their vendors, subsidiaries, affiliates, predecessors, successors, officers, directors, employees, agents, owners, members and insurers.

    C. Event means the 2018 Vikings 7 on 7 Tournament, located in the Indoor Practice Field at Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, with an address of 2600 Vikings Circle, Eagan, Minnesota 55121, on June 24, 2018 from approximately 9:00am - 3:00pm CST, including stretching drills, skill drills and on field activities.

    D. My Claims means any and all claims arising from my participation in the Event even if claims arise out of the Vikings' own negligence. My Claims include, but are not limited to, claims for personal injury, bodily injury, death, property damage, pain and suffering, medical expenses, income loss and loss of earning capacity, punitive damages, loss of consortium, attorneys' fees, costs, and any other claim of any sort.


    In exchange for the opportunity to participate in the Event and for the other valuable considerations, the receipt and sufficiency of which I acknowledge, I hereby give up, release, and forever discharge My Claims against the Vikings, and any related persons or entities including claims arising from the Vikings' own negligence. I agree that the opportunity to participate in the Event is a full and fair exchange for the release of My Claims. I expressly assume the risk of any accident or injury, including death, which my result from the participation in the Event. Neither I nor my beneficiaries, heirs, next of kin, spouses and assigns will sue or make any claims against the Vikings in connection with My Claims. I agree to indemnify and hold the Vikings harmless from anyone, including all medical providers and insurers, who does sue or make a claim as a result of my participation in the Event.


    By signing this Agreement, I am giving up and releasing My Claims, including claims for damages that may not have happened yet and that may be unforeseen or unexpected.

    I am old enough to sign this Agreement and to be legally bound by it. I know that this is a legal contract that is binding upon me.

    I understand and agree to irrevocably grant to the Vikings, its successors, assigns and licenses the exclusive right and authority to copyright, use and publish my voice, picture, name and likeness for advertising, publicity or promotional and other purposes in connection to the Vikings in any form, including and without limitation, newspapers, magazines, motion pictures, game programs, audio tapes, video tapes, televisions broadcasts and web pages. This right shall survive the termination of this Agreement. No additional compensation shall be paid or payable to me for any right or use granted to the Vikings by me.

    I have read this Agreement carefully and I understand all of it. I know that I am free to consult with an attorney of my own choosing if I want. In signing this Agreement I have not relied on any statements or explanations by the Vikings of any of their representatives.

    I understand and agree that this Agreement contains all of the agreements between the Vikings and me, and that I have no other written or oral agreements.

    I understand that this release of My Claims is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by Minnesota law and that if any portion of this Agreement is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance of this Agreement shall continue in full legal force and effect


    I agree that, if the name of a minor is filled in below. (1) this Agreement applies to the minor and anyone acting on the minor's behalf to the same extent that it applies to me. (2) all claims relating to the minor are released to the same extent as though the claims belonged to me, and (3) this Agreement releases all claims of any sort that the minor and anyone acting on the minor's behalf may have against the Vikings arising from the minor's participation in the Event. I have the authority to sign this Agreement on behalf of the minor and release claims on behalf of the minor.


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