WordPress is the #1 choice of all web platforms and powers over 20% of the web. We've been experts in building wordpress applications for over 10 years and design wordpress solutions  that are secure, efficient, and easily maintained by non-coding staff.

Business grows by turning prospects into vested clients. We place a high priority on building web solutions that increase customer conversions. Our strategy is to combine creative design with proven functional practices that fit your business goals.

Loaded with thousands of themes and plugins, we have the expertise to build a WordPress platform that seamlessly integrates into your site.  As an national award winning developer, we can also customize or create new themes and plugins.

Some of our Work

What does the 3rd largest psychology school in the world, a top-ranked football team in the nation, and the largest private delivery service in the MSP area all have in common? They entrusted Tiger12 to build their web solutions.

Need help with WP design and development?

Is your staff stretched too thin?

We offer hourly and monthly retainers so you can get the expert help you need.



per hour*

Purchased in 10 hour blocks, it's ideal for smaller projects. Unused hours never expire and good for all wordpress work including design, debugging, and development.

Designed for:
Small business, wordpress designers & developers



per month**

Up to 30 hours per month with priority service on any wordpress work. Time is tracked by the minute with weekly reports. Optimal for continuous part-time work.

Designed for:
Agencies, in-house marketing teams, growing businesses



per month***

Dedicated expert for up to 32 hours per week with per minute reporting. Includes a dedicated service agent for clear communication. Ideal for long-term projects.

Designed for:
Digital media, corporations, enterprise projects

*Minimum purchase of 10 hours

**Hours reset every month

***Minimum of 3 months

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

Let us help you cut through all technical mumbo jumbo. We  pride ourselves on providing clear, concise communication so you can make the best decisions for your business.

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