About Us

Our Vision

At Tiger12 we work hard to find a solution that fits your needs. For 15+ years we haven’t just been building websites, we’ve been finding business solutions for our clients. We understand that a website isn’t just about making a product that looks neat, it’s about promoting engagement from visitors. We work hard to bring collections of trustworthy freelancers together to give clients dependability, pragmatic solutions, and results. We understand that it’s important to try and use the latest cutting-edge technology, but it is more important that we incorporate it only when it is stable and proven. We have worked with WordPress since its inception, the fourth largest operating system in the world, and have access to any other tools needed to make sure your website is looking exactly how you want it to. 

“A website isn’t just text on a medium, it’s about providing an adequate message about what your business does” -Gene Teigland (Founder).

We are adaptable and open-minded enough to bring creative solutions to your company in the face of all kinds of problems. This kind of ingenuity has been recognized by people across the country, which is why Tiger12 has been the recipient of the Ozzie Digital Award in the 2017 folio which recognizes excellence in magazine editorial and design across all sectors of the media industry..
You can check out the website that was awarded here: saybrook.edu/unbound

Effective solutions are hard to come by, but we pride ourselves on continually being able to find and apply them to your media product.

“If I make a cake and it fails it becomes pudding.”

-Life Lessons from a 100 year old

Our Clients

We are proud to have worked and continue to work with a wide variety of clients across the country. Notable organizations include the Independent Delivery Service, one of the largest alternative distributing companies in the US; we have been serving them for 10 years now. We also have helped the TCS Education system for 5 years that hosts 11 campus locations, including the Chicago Psychology School of Business. Others include IceNine Online, an award winning market research agency headquartered in Chicago and TrustEdge Leadership Institute that has worked with Fortune 100 companies since 1999, and many more. 
We believe our clients vouch for our consistency, open minded perspective, and our ability to do a “job well done”.

Our Founder

Southwest Minnesota native Gene Teigland has been working in the media industry for over 20 years. His life experiences range from web developer, movie director, live sports television, football coach, and father of four kids. Gene has always had a passion for media, from running his college’s radio show at Bethel University, from a camera assistant at the 96’ Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, to making one of the first crowd-funded multimedia projects. Gene has always believed in the power of communication between media and its consumers. He also understands that this idea is easily transferable to web development. Gene started Tiger12 in 2004 working with a small collection of individually owned businesses and has grown Tiger12 to serve agencies across multitudes of markets. Gene has seen the technological landscape grow and change ever since, but has always kept the goal of marrying businesses with solutions and to cut through the industry jargon to give clients accessible and adequate results.