Managing thousands of plugins and core upgrades, our Lynx service keeps your WP site running smoothly, securely and efficiently.

Spend your time on conversions while we service your WordPress assets.

Why are upgrades to your WordPress site so critical?

86% of WordPress sites are hacked due to outdated WordPress installs, plugins, or themes.

As online offerings increase equally has malicious traffic to hijack your WordPress site. Using malware, brute force, SQL injections, and phishing attempts on your users, hackers have cost individuals and business owners billions of dollars. But much of this destruction could be avoided if site owners would follow a consistent maintenance plan.

By subscribing to our Lynx WP maintenance plan you will protect your sites assets not to mention the extra benefits of upgraded features to your WordPress stack.

Our Lynx service plan is designed for precision, speed, and tracking.

Key features to manage your WP stack

Core updates

Vital to your security and for upgrading features, we install the latest, stable WordPress version and verify that all security patches are loaded.

Theme updates

We make sure your theme maintains layout integrity and continues to display as originally designed.

Plugin updates

Plugin conflicts are inevitable. We test to ensure that they continue to work together harmoniously.

Service reports

We document any work so you know exactly what happened and if there were any issues.

QA testing

Using a custom checklist curtailed to your site, we run the updates, ping your site to make sure it’s up with no errors, and all functions continue to work.

Secure off-site backups

We backup your site before any updates and store them at a secure off-site location.

Restoration services

In case of any catastrophic event we can easily roll back your site to a prior version.

Off peak scheduling

When requested we will update your site during low traffic times to limit site disruption.

Versatile plans for mission-critical to low-maintenance sites

WordPress management plans and prices

/ month
  • Core updates
  • Theme updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Service reports
  • QA testing
  • Secure off-site backups
  • Restoration services
  • Off-peak schedule
Quarterly service*
/ quarter
*Updates are once every 3 months.
Bi-annual service*
/ 6 months
*Updates are once every 6 months.
Annual service*
/ year
*Updates are once every year.

Take advantage of our bundled pricing

Save money when you package our Lynx, Panther, and AWS hosting plans.

Selective addons we recommend for a better WP experience.

Plugins for powering your WordPress stack

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